Dear followers,

Unfortunately Hakibe Ferret Blog is no more.
This blog was a major part of my life since getting ferrets, it is my baby and I worked really hard growing it to this point in time. I wrote endlessly, throughly researching every topic before publishing it but I have come to the decision to finally delete all the content on Hakibe Ferret.

I only just realised that I have discovered something else I have a real passion for, and I really would like to share and commit to it with others, rather than doing it all Solo. It is more fun to educate others with support and teamwork, plus I find that I feel more encouraged to be more thorough with my research as well as the teamwork in some form to compile articles or personal projects.

The domain name “” and email “” will no longer be active as of Jan 2018 and I will no longer be [actively] publishing to this blog.

It’s not the end, not at all. I am just continuing to improve for the sake of ferrets. You will still very much see me floating around quite alot. ^^
Thank you to those who have sent encouraging emails and questions since I created this blog.

Thank you to the followers on my instagram, 2000+ followers and still going strong.

For more up-to-date information on ferrets, please don’t hesitate to find me at The Natural Ferret. Join our group and help contribute in any way you would like.

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Formally, Hakibe Ferret Blog.